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    Paper Processing Unit Machine

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    The idea of a simple machine originated with the Greek philosopher Archimedes, who studied the machines, lever, pulley, and screw, and discovered the principle of mechanical advantage in the lever. Furthermore, the Greek Philosophers defined the classic five simple machines, which were used to roughly calculate the mechanical advantages.

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    Coil Spring Compressors Machine

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    Access needs can be predicted and planning must occur in advance. People need access to machinery and equipment in the workplace (either continually or occasionally) for predictable tasks such as operation, maintenance, repair, installation, service or cleaning.

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    Semi Automatic Grinding Machine

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    When assessing machinery and equipment for possible non-mechanical hazards, consider how machinery and equipment can affect the area (environment) around them. People must be provided with safe access that is suitable for the work they perform in, on and around machinery and equipment.

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    Triple Rolling Machine

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    Adjustable guarding incorporates movable sections or panels of the guard and allows for material or parts to be fed into the guarded area while still preventing bodily contact. Tunnel guards provide a tunnel, aperture or chute in which material can be inserted into the machinery and equipment, but due to

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    Dewaxing Plant Machine

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    Note: When considering the suitability of distance guarding, consider the safe access requirements of maintenance people who gain access by ladder, scaffold or elevated work platform.

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    Automatic Nut Tapping Machine

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    Redundant and self-monitoring fault detection systems. Redundant or dual systems (doubling up) and self-monitoring fault detection systems are also effective methods to prevent failure of critical safety systems. Selection and installation of these types of complex interactive control measures may require expert or specialist assistance.

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    Water Blasting Machines

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    Selection and use of PPE requires careful consideration, as there are many different types that reduce the risk of injury of contact or exposure to a hazard. Incorrect use of PPE, or purchasing inappropriate PPE, can contribute to serious workplace incidents. PPE that is uncomfortable, restrictive or heavy may create

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    Tumbling Barrels Machine

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    For potentially harmful substance exposures from machinery and equipment, such as mist, fumes, vapour or dust, and where it is not possible to control the emission at its source, ventilation and extraction systems are used to remove the hazardous emissions from the work environment.

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    Extrusion Tape Stretching Plant Machine

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    Access may vary during each stage of the machinery and equipment life cycle. For example: • installation or removal o complete access from every area may be required and involve disconnection or connection of services, such as water, air, pipes, installation of electrical cable to switch board • operation o

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    Key Making Machine

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    Heron of Alexandria in his study listed the five mechanisms as the lever, windlass, pulley, wedge, and screw, which were known to set a load in a motion. Flemish engineer Simon Stevin derived the mechanical advantages of the inclined plane that was merged with the simple machines. Leonardo da Vinci

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    Chain Sharpener Machine

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    Examples of separation include: • physical barriers and guards, such as fences, screens or fixed panels of various materials • various forms of guarding and interlocking (as described in AS4024, parts 1601 and 1602, Safety of Machinery) • making the hazard inaccessible by reach (where the distance between a person

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    Washing Drum Machine

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    For access panels or doors supporting an interlocking device allowing access to mechanical parts that move for periods after the energy source is removed, a separate mechanism to delay release of the retaining or locking mechanism may be incorporated.