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    Vertical Accumulator Machine

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    They are machines or major tools necessary to complete a given task. They are items which are essential for the development of any structure from its initial stage till the final stage. They comprise of any appropriate set of tools required to generate the machine.

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    Tray Forming Machine

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    Working at height. Providing people with a suitable work platform for the task being undertaken reduces the risk of injury from falling from machinery and equipment. Often safe access equipment, made available during installation of machinery and/or equipment, is removed after commissioning.

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    Flat Die Thread Rolling Machine

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    Note: Safe work practices must take into account the risk of trapping an operator between the EWP and a fixed structure (e.g. overhead beams, electrical cables, pipes).

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    Case Making Machine

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    High integrity/fail-safe control. All safety control systems should be designed and built to prevent failure or, in the event of failure, de-activate the operation of the machinery and equipment. The extent to which a safety control system should tolerate faults is a function of risk (likelihood and consequence), and is

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    Orbital Riveting Machine

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    A tool generally is any physical item that can be used to achieve a goal, especially if the item is not consumed in the process. Informally, it also describes a procedure or process with a specific purpose.

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    Stone Carving Machine

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    People operating machinery and equipment could: • be required to place their hands close to the mechanism of the machinery and equipment that does the work, and may be injured if caught or trapped by moving parts • be exposed to constant harmful noise, radiated energy or fumes being emitted

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    Most Satisfying Cosmetic Machinery

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    Presence sensing systems. If physical guards cannot be used, then a presence sensing system can be used as a control to reduce risk. Presence sensing systems can be used where people enter areas shared by moving production equipment. Presence sensing systems are capable of providing a high degree of flexibility

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    Corner Combining Machine

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    Captive key systems rely upon a single key that is shared between the control panel (on switch) and the access gate lock of the physical barrier to the danger area. Removal of the key from the control panel can only occur when the switch is in the off position, and

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    Pencil Making Machine

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    Heron of Alexandria in his study listed the five mechanisms as the lever, windlass, pulley, wedge, and screw, which were known to set a load in a motion. Flemish engineer Simon Stevin derived the mechanical advantages of the inclined plane that was merged with the simple machines. Leonardo da Vinci

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    Automatic Tool Changer Machine

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    Emergency retrieval plans should allow for immediate local response in safely retrieving people to avoid fatalities.

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    Coach Washing Plant Machine

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    • Guarding may also serve to mute noise emissions through application of sound absorbing materials. Other emissions, such as lasers, ultraviolet light, bright light or welding flash, can also be safely screened to prevent potential harmful exposure.

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    Raw Mill Classifier Machine

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    People performing tasks, such as maintenance, repair, installation, service and cleaning, are highly vulnerable, and have a higher risk of being killed or maimed through inadvertent operation of machinery and equipment they are working in, on or around.