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    Semi Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

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    Administrative controls, such as effective supervision, instruction and training, are required to ensure that only one key is available for the system, and the key is not removed from the access gate or guard by a second operator while a person is exposed to the danger area of the plant.

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    Bowl Making Machine

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    Accidental start-up, or movement of a machine mechanism, can occur: • if control levers or buttons are bumped or knocked • if a short circuit of the control system occurs • when hydraulic or air pressure is released • when undoing retaining bolts. The word machine is derived from the

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    Assembly Equipment Machine

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    Interlock guarding is generally achieved via mechanical or electrical means, but may also include hydraulic or pneumatic control systems. The energy stored in moving parts (momentum) can cause the mechanism of the machinery or equipment to run on for some time after the source of driving energy has been removed.

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    Led Bulb Making Machine

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    When assessing machinery and equipment for possible non-mechanical hazards, consider how machinery and equipment can affect the area (environment) around them. People must be provided with safe access that is suitable for the work they perform in, on and around machinery and equipment.

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    Special Purpose Machines Spm Machine

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    Where frequent cleaning is required, the guard may be constructed of mesh that prevents intrusion of body parts, but allows for hosing. Food production workplaces, that use conveyors in areas where hygiene or food safety is an integral part of the operation, use fixed mesh guarding of conveyor end rollers.

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    Stator Winding Machine

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    Simultaneous two-handed operation. Where a machine has only one operator, the use of simultaneous two-handed operation buttons can serve as a risk control. This ensures that operation of the hazardous mechanism cannot occur until both hands are clear of the danger area.

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    Torsion Spring Making Machine

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    Machines are usually powered by the mechanical, chemical, thermal, or electrical means, and are often motorized. In the modern era, the advents of electronic technology have converted a machine into a form of non-movable development power tool.

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    Automatic Chain Link Fencing Machine

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    People providing maintenance or repair services could: • work alone • work on machinery and equipment at height, or over machinery and equipment to connect services, such as electricity, air or water • access machinery and equipment from the rear or sides • be required to enter confined spaces of

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    Most Satisfying Folding Machine

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    Personal protective equipment. Where it is not possible for emissions to be controlled at their source, or removed or reduced through effective ventilation, extraction or diversion, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) as a final measure must be considered to ensure safety. PPE is a lower order control and

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    Most Satisfying Glazing Machine

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    Workplace health and safety laws require the highest order control be applied. Higher order machinery and equipment risk controls are preventative by nature, are effective and durable for the environment it is used in, and deal directly with the hazard at its source.

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    High Production Machine

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    A critical safety system is a safety control system responsible for ensuring the safety of a person when approaching or accessing a hazard. Failure of the critical safety system will leave a person exposed to the hazard, and in danger. Critical safety systems may include barriers or guards fitted to

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    Bandage Making Machine

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    They are assembled from a standardized type of components. These consist of mechanical elements that control the movement in various ways, such as, gear trains, transistor switches, belt or chain drives, linkages, cam and follower systems, brakes and clutches, and structural components such as frame members and fasteners.