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    Bead Blasting Machine

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    For access panels or doors supporting an interlocking device allowing access to mechanical parts that move for periods after the energy source is removed, a separate mechanism to delay release of the retaining or locking mechanism may be incorporated.

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    Chip Mounter Machine

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    Note: The Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 prescribes specific requirements that must be taken into account when determining risk controls for both confined spaces and working at heights.

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    Ring Rolling Machines

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    • Oil leaks from machinery and/or equipment may present a serious slip hazard. By preventing oil leaks through routine maintenance, or containing leaking oil with a drip tray or through spill containment strategies, the risk the hazard presents is controlled.

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    Mechanical Thread Rolling Machine

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    Where access is not anticipated, a fixed guard can be permanently applied by a bonding agent, welding, or secured with one-way screws. If access is generally not required, a permanently fixed barrier is the preferred option.

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    Paper Making Plant Machine

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    High integrity/fail-safe control. All safety control systems should be designed and built to prevent failure or, in the event of failure, de-activate the operation of the machinery and equipment. The extent to which a safety control system should tolerate faults is a function of risk (likelihood and consequence), and is

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    Tube Rolling Machine

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    Where frequent cleaning is required, the guard may be constructed of mesh that prevents intrusion of body parts, but allows for hosing. Food production workplaces, that use conveyors in areas where hygiene or food safety is an integral part of the operation, use fixed mesh guarding of conveyor end rollers.

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    Corrugated Board Making Plant Machine

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    Non-mechanical hazards associated with machinery and equipment can include harmful emissions, contained fluids or gas under pressure, chemicals and chemical by-products, electricity and noise, all of which can cause serious injury if not adequately controlled.

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    Fire Flame Machine

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    Captive key systems rely upon a single key that is shared between the control panel (on switch) and the access gate lock of the physical barrier to the danger area. Removal of the key from the control panel can only occur when the switch is in the off position, and

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    Pcb Depaneling Machine

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    Larger machinery and equipment may contain internal areas where a hazardous environment may occur by design, or as a result of the work being done. A confined space may exist where people require access to a mostly closed area that presents difficult or restricted path of access, where oxygen levels

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    Most Satisfying In Line Machine

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    Presence sensing systems detect when a person is in the identified danger area, and stops or reduces the power or speed of the mechanism at the time of entry to provide for safe access. Presence sensing systems can rely on foot pressure pads, infra-red sensing, light beams or laser scanning.

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    Air Bubble Machine

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    Captive key systems do not provide full isolation of the power source, but may provide limited temporary access under controlled conditions.

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    Single Clamp Perfect Binding Machine

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    Redundant and self-monitoring fault detection systems. Redundant or dual systems (doubling up) and self-monitoring fault detection systems are also effective methods to prevent failure of critical safety systems. Selection and installation of these types of complex interactive control measures may require expert or specialist assistance.