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    Tube Forming Machine

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    People providing cleaning services could: • work alone • access machinery and equipment from the rear or sides, or in unexpected ways • climb on machinery and equipment • enter confined spaces, or larger machinery and equipment • become trapped by the mechanism of the machinery and equipment through poor

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    Industrial Parts Washing Machine

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    Working at height. Providing people with a suitable work platform for the task being undertaken reduces the risk of injury from falling from machinery and equipment. Often safe access equipment, made available during installation of machinery and/or equipment, is removed after commissioning.

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    Industrial Machinery Parts

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    Interlock guarding is generally achieved via mechanical or electrical means, but may also include hydraulic or pneumatic control systems. The energy stored in moving parts (momentum) can cause the mechanism of the machinery or equipment to run on for some time after the source of driving energy has been removed.

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    Hose Binding Machine

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    Many different types of machinery and equipment use high integrity safety systems that disable a mechanism at the time of access. Some examples include: • brake press • power press • robotic machine (automated machines) • injection moulders • powered guillotines • programmable lathe and milling equipment • industrial mixers

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    Vacuum Blasting Machine

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    A stable work platform, suited to the nature of the work that allows for good posture relative to the work performed, sure footing, safe environment and fall prevention (if a fall may occur), is a basic requirement. For example, cooling towers on building roofs may have poor access, yet must

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    Die Change System Machine

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    Administrative controls, such as effective supervision, instruction and training, are required to ensure that only one key is available for the system, and the key is not removed from the access gate or guard by a second operator while a person is exposed to the danger area of the plant.

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    Aluminium Extrusion Plant Machine

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    Equipments basically serve as tools, essential for the mechanical needs, to repair a machine. They are the most important items that have enabled the ancient humans to climb to the top of the food chain. They are things which help in the acquirement of any desired substance.

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    Fingerless Corrugation Machine

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    Workplace managers may not have considered or recognised the need to provide similar means to gain safe access to parts of machinery and equipment at height, or in awkward locations for maintenance, repair, service or cleaning activities. Safe access at height can be broken into three categories. Each category has

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    Semi Automatic Machine

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    Captive key systems do not provide full isolation of the power source, but may provide limited temporary access under controlled conditions.

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    Clamping Systems Machine

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    People performing these tasks must be provided with the means to get themselves and any equipment they require onto the roof with no risk, or minimal risk of fall or injury.

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    Stirrup Making Machine

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    In terms of time and ongoing administration by managers and employers to ensure the desired behaviour occurs, administrative controls can be the most expensive and least effective form of hazard control.

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    Automatic Folder Gluing Machine

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    Personal protective equipment. Where it is not possible for emissions to be controlled at their source, or removed or reduced through effective ventilation, extraction or diversion, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) as a final measure must be considered to ensure safety. PPE is a lower order control and