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    Lead Recycling Plant Machine

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    Presence sensing systems detect when a person is in the identified danger area, and stops or reduces the power or speed of the mechanism at the time of entry to provide for safe access. Presence sensing systems can rely on foot pressure pads, infra-red sensing, light beams or laser scanning.

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    Can Flanging Machine

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    A tool generally is any physical item that can be used to achieve a goal, especially if the item is not consumed in the process. Informally, it also describes a procedure or process with a specific purpose.

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    Most Satisfying Splitting Machines

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    When thinking about safe access to machinery and equipment, consider the following: • who will be working on or around the machinery and equipment • people who are required to work in enclosed areas where the atmosphere could be harmful, such as pits, tanks or storage vessels • what equipment

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    Paper Rolling Machine

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    People providing cleaning services could: • work alone • access machinery and equipment from the rear or sides, or in unexpected ways • climb on machinery and equipment • enter confined spaces, or larger machinery and equipment • become trapped by the mechanism of the machinery and equipment through poor

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    Linear Feeder Machine

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    Equipments are essential in the designing, developing, constructing, manufacturing, supplying fields of any commodity. A machine is an apparatus used for the mechanical power and has several parts, each with a definite function, which together performs a particular task.

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    Ancillary Equipments Machine

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    Access needs can be predicted and planning must occur in advance. People need access to machinery and equipment in the workplace (either continually or occasionally) for predictable tasks such as operation, maintenance, repair, installation, service or cleaning.

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    Stamp Making Machine

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    Where access to the hazard is infrequent, the installation of a fitted guard, that can be removed by use of a tool, may be an acceptable control, where the tool to remove the barrier or guard is not normally available to the operator.

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    Pipe Making Machinery

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    They are assembled from a standardized type of components. These consist of mechanical elements that control the movement in various ways, such as, gear trains, transistor switches, belt or chain drives, linkages, cam and follower systems, brakes and clutches, and structural components such as frame members and fasteners.

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    Heavy Duty Decoiler Machine

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    For access panels or doors supporting an interlocking device allowing access to mechanical parts that move for periods after the energy source is removed, a separate mechanism to delay release of the retaining or locking mechanism may be incorporated.

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    Rotary Drum Screen Machine

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    High integrity/fail-safe control. All safety control systems should be designed and built to prevent failure or, in the event of failure, de-activate the operation of the machinery and equipment. The extent to which a safety control system should tolerate faults is a function of risk (likelihood and consequence), and is

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    Tube Bending Machine

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    Machinery and equipment have moving parts. The action of moving parts may have sufficient force in motion to cause injury to people. When assessing machinery and equipment for possible mechanical hazards, consider: machinery and equipment with moving parts that can be reached by people; machinery and equipment that can eject

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    Hook Making Machine

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    A stable work platform, suited to the nature of the work that allows for good posture relative to the work performed, sure footing, safe environment and fall prevention (if a fall may occur), is a basic requirement. For example, cooling towers on building roofs may have poor access, yet must